COLOR MY WORLD STUDIO offers Artful Play Dates

These specialty workshops are available for small groups of 3 or more students by reservation. Each artful play date workshop is 2 hours and cost $25 per student.
To make a reservation: Call 224-208-5707 or email:

Global Arts Studio (Ages 5-12)
Mexican blanketsOut of Africa - Martinez Elementary Art Show - February 22nd 2007Egyptian art project!
Students will experience different foreign cultures through stories, music or dance, plus a unique take home art project!  Examples: A Moorish Mosaic of Spain, A Japanese Wood Block Print, an Inca Quipu!

Jewelry Design
  (Ages 5-12 & Teens)
Join us as we design our own jewelry using clay, paper, string, floss, yarn, leather, thread, felt, buttons and colorful beads!

Collage & Mosaics
(Ages 5-12 & Teens)
Students will create colorful creative collage and mosaics using an assortment of recycled materials, fabric, fiber, decorative papers and ceramic tiles.

Paint like the Masters!
(Ages 5-12 and Teens)
Our student artists will create their own master-like masterpieces on canvas while learning about famous artists from the past and present to encourage curiosity about artistic style and technique. For extra inspiration, kids will explore fun facts about these Masters and the art movements along the way!

Doodle Design Drawing
  (Ages 8-12 & Teens)
Students will draw fun whimsical and colorful designs; while listening to their favorite music! This is a great class to take with friends. Modern pop design and multicultural designs are the very popular right now!

Creating Comics  (Ages 8-12 & Teens)

Kids love to create comics! Students will learn to draw their favorite cartoon characters and design their own. They will also create sequences of drawings arranged in  panels displaying humor and narrative stories, with captioned text. Action and expression in their comic strips will be unique with whimsical lines and shapes.

The Art of Hand Sewing
  (Ages 8 -12 & Teens)
A class focused on the basics of hand sewing. Discover all of the things you can sew by hand. Learn to sew on buttons and create projects. It’s a skill that you will use forever. Each student will receive their own sewing kit.

COLOR WEAVE  (Ages 8-12 & Teens)
Our students will learn about global textiles, wash, card, and dye wool with natural plant dyes; then weave their colorful created fibers with yarns and fabrics.